We thrive at the intersection of tech and media


Revolutionizing how people interact with screen technology

ISM offers a full suite of machine-learning, computer-vision products including touch-less access control, audience measurement and custom software.

Access Control

User Generated Content Moderation

Content Management System

Demographics Metrics

Media Inventory Management

Real-time Media Insights

Building the next generation of digital-out-of-home networks

ISM powers 4,000+ screens in 400+ locations, offering a diverse and engaging network inclusive of digital screens and experiential offerings.

Featuring a variety of unique and complementary verticals hitting a coveted audience, all with real-time metrics and analytics.

Live MLB, NBA & NHL games across Connected TV

Experiential and Signage in Professional, Collegiate and Minor League Sports

Digital Screen Network at 34 Minor League Baseball Stadiums

Digital Screen Network at 21 NASCAR race tracks

Solar Powered Digital Screen Network located across the Sun Belt

Case Studies

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