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Where we came from. Where we are going.

Our Story

How We Got Here

ISM was founded by a group of die-hard sports fans with a technology background and a desire to make watching live events safer and more fun. We started off in 2012 by building mobile apps that helped us find our friends in crowded tailgating lots so we could spend more time together. By 2015, we had begun delivering robust analytics that helped brands better understand consumer behavior, but we were just getting started. In 2017, we launched our first in a series of in-venue display networks at NASCAR and professional baseball that helped fans realize some of the same premium digital experiences they had become accustomed to at home. 

By 2019, it became clear we were ignoring the millions of fans watching live events from home, and with the advent of Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) media technology advancements, we began improving fan engagement at home by ensuring the brands connecting with them were the ones they cared most deeply about. Today, ISM has become America’s first truly end-to-end platform that connects fans, brands, and venues across the digital and physical worlds.

In 2021, Cast Iron Media and Wicket were born. Both are divisions of ISM.

Our Plan

Where We Are Going

A Company We’re Proud Of

Maintaining and building a company of passionate, energetic and optimistic individuals who care about the success of their colleagues and the whole ISM team.

Part of the Community

ISM donates 5% of its owned inventory to community causes that make the world a better place – we plan to continue that and find other ways to exceed it.

Grow Smartly

ISM originated as a rollup, so making smart deals is in our DNA. We will continue with an aggressive and smart growth strategy, focusing internally on organic growth, and being open to the right deals at the right time.

Build Scalable Technology

Our tech is built internally from the ground up, allowing us to pivot and constantly evolve as necessary to scale up the business today and into the future.