Digital out-of-home measurement like never before.

ISM Audience is best-in-class software that measures human engagement with digital out-of-home (DOOH) content via a paired camera.


Audience uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to find faces that are in line of sight of DOOH content to register them as Audience Impressions, and when appropriate, Viewers. Once established as a Viewer, the algorithm determines the demographic information about the individual and logs what content the viewer watched and for how long.

Measurement includes:

  • Audience impressions: number of people in the vicinity who had an opportunity to see the screen
  • Viewers: number of people who looked at the screen
  • Attention time: which piece of content they viewed and for how long
  • Dwell time: the amount of time the viewer was looking at the screen
  • Demographic data (age and gender) about the viewer


Audience helps brands gain more insight into DOOH campaigns by delivering real-time audience metrics previously reserved for traditional digital media channels, marrying digital platform insights with the physical world.

What can my brand do with this information?

  • Optimize future campaign creative strategies based on who actually engaged and at what point
  • Accurately compare campaign performance across platforms to optimize media budgets drive ROI

Behind the scenes, Audience is revolutionizing DOOH measurement as it reports only what is collected by the paired camera, removing the doubt around estimated Audience Impressions and Viewers who might be outside the view of the camera.


In June 2019, the South Bend Cubs (Minor League Baseball) played fourteen home games. With sixteen ISM screens throughout the ballpark, Audience captured compelling engagement data from people viewing on-screen entertainment and advertising content, giving the ballpark a better understanding of who’s in attendance, what content they find compelling and how to keep them coming back game after game.

Total MiLB Games

Audience Impressions

Total Viewers

Dwell Time (Hours)


View Rate


Attention Rate

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