Software built for a marketers sensibilities.

A suite of products built to power your digital signage platform through the content journey, streamlining the process both for back-of-the house and consumer-facing technology, from inventory and scheduling to analytics.

Integrated Suite of Products

By developing our own IP with patented software platforms built around AI and computer vision, ISM is able to bring the analytical components from the digital to the physical world.

Content Management System

Intuitive, web-based content management system

  • Create custom screen layouts
  • Browser agnostic
  • Upload your digital assets to the cloud and work individually or collaboratively
  • Manage screen content remotely from one platform
  • Get proof-of-performance reports to easily monetize your network
Demographic Measurement

Understand who is engaging with your media

  • Recognize demographic identifiers such as age and gender with high accuracy
  • Determine audience counts in the vicinity of the sensors at large events 
  • Drive contextual real-time messaging to viewers
  • Capture impressions, viewers, dwell time, and attention time of the audience in front of a sensor
Inventory Management

Inventory management software providing visibility into current and future network availability

  • Track media buys from prospect to campaign implementation
  • Automate leads through built-in Salesforce integration
  • Eliminate the need to manage media campaigns in complex and outdated spreadsheets by booking and reserving future inventory
  • Support backend for Connected TV and digital signage
User Generated Content

Filter content and react to your audience in real-time

  • Accept or reject UGC before it hits the screens
  • Ban users who submit inappropriate content
  • Utilize UGC to engage with consumers and make your digital network sticky
Media Insights

Robust data and actionable intelligence to measure campaign results

  • Measure campaign results  
  • Identify areas for optimization – content day-parting 
  • Adjust content based on demographics in real-time
  • Review audience composition to deliver age-appropriate messaging
  • Tailor content to drive engagement

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