Contactless security and access solutions for properties of any size.

 ISM has built artificial intelligence and facial recognition based solutions to better understand visitors and protect spaces. The Protect product delivers AI-based vision analytics security and contactless access control to better manage your facility or event. 

Threat Detection

The threat detection feature seeks to identify as many faces as possible from a camera’s stream and create real-time alerts for any matches found against a client-provided list of images.


  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Same system can handle VIPs and Persons of Interest (POIs)
  • Makes existing human security resources more efficient and informed
  • User controlled alerting threshold
  • Logical add-on to ISMaccess implementations

Access Control

The access control feature seeks to make high quality matches on a single face, in a defined zone of a camera’s view, for the purpose of providing physical or digital access.


  • Touchless verification for entry
  • Alerts sent to those who need to know the person has arrived
  • Applicable for any controlled opening including physical doors and outdoor area entrances
  • Minimum accuracy tolerance is pre-defined at >99%
  • One day setup

Residential and Office Buildings

  • Secure elevator access
  • Avoid lines and backup at security desks
  • Seamless remote guest registration

Commercial and Manufacturing 

  • Eliminate key card and fob sharing
  • Protect sensitive areas of the facility
  • Understand who is onsite at all times

Retail and Hospitals

  • Eliminate sharing of credentials
  • Contactless system to stop spread of germs and illnesses
  • Real-time accountability for who is on each floor or department

Analysis is done in real-time with machine learning strengthening the algorithm over time.

Single system to handle persons of interest and VIPs.

More security without seeing more security.

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