Access Control for the Future.

Non-invasive, easy to install and simple to manage, the ISM Access product can upscale technology in a variety of settings, from the small office building to larger hospitality chains and massive stadiums and arenas.

ISM Protect at Allegiant Airlines Corporate Headquarters

Hands Free Access Control at Allegiant Airlines Global Headquarters

As a part of Allegiant’s initiative to advance the safety and security of their employees and offices, they adopted our Access facial access solution in their Las Vegas headquarters. Hoping to not only prevent unknown entrants from entering the premises, but to also eliminate the need to touch surfaces upon entry and increase the speed and ease at which employees enter, Access was their one-stop-shop solution. With the new installation, employees at Allegiant are now granted touchless access to their offices in less than one (1) second. At the same time, Access sends designated personnel mobile or desktop alerts after an unauthorized access attempt, warning them of potential threats.

ISM Access Deploys to Protect the World’s Biggest Performer

ISM has led the way in introducing cutting-edge, automated security solutions at concert venues across the country. To protect one of top performers in the world and support the security team tasked with safeguarding one of the largest stadium tours to date, we deployed our Access threat detection product. Working hand-in-hand with tour and local security personnel to detect possible and known threats, then coordinate alerts and responses, our system was able to positively identify key individuals, often before they were able to gain access to the venue. From a predetermined list of 300 Persons of Interest (POIs), Access identified 12 among the crowds of over 2 million total attendees.

Access Control and Security in Toms River School District

To support the staff at Toms River School District, tasked with providing a safe learning environment for employees and students, ISM deployed Access as a touchless entry solution and a security enhancement to their administration building. During the initial pilot program, which launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a single entry point equipped with Access allowed employees to enter their offices safely using facial recognition, effectively limiting the need to touch locks and keypads. Access empowers administrators at Toms River School District by sending them real-time alerts when an unidentified person attempts entry.

One Streamlined User Interface

Manage Access Control from one platform, optimized for desktop and mobile platforms, providing ease of use for venue and IT personnel.

Access Control

Facial recognition based system that integrates with existing access control panels and locking hardware for the purpose of providing touchless entry to a door using your face as a credential (focus is back of house).

VIP Management

Facial recognition based alerting system that puts timely, contextual information in the hands of software and sales team members for the purpose of informing decisions.

Content Management & Analytics

Software to drive digital screens/signage empowered by anonymous facial recognition tools to measure viewers in front of the screens for dwell time, view time, age and gender.

Facial Ticketing

Custom integration of ISM’s access control solution to transfer the ticket credentialing process to use a person’s face in place of current, sharable methods.

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