Live Games. Local Viewers. Loyal Fans.

Live Games on Connected TV

SportStream Live is a network of subscription based professional league OTT platforms, featuring all MLB, NBA and NHL regular season games. We deliver a highly engaged audience to brands and ensure that ads are verified and measured.

Connected TV directly reaches the younger demographic of hard to reach cord cutters with authenticated impressions and zero fraud.

  • 100% viewable video inventory
  • 95% average completion rates
  • Each DMA can be targeted to zip code level
  • Assets can only be accessed here and are not available through exchanges, trade desks or any other in-market sellers
  • Fans engage with SportStream Live by viewing live MLB, NBA and NHL games through their Connected TV
  • SportStream Live is application agnostic and is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Hulu Live, Amazon Fire, and more
  • Spots of :15, :30, or :60 seconds are displayed just as if they are on linear television and are typically purchased on a CPM basis



Available Connected TV
impressions per month



Live games annually in
every major US market



Offering inventory within
every DMA in the country

Home Team Fans are Not the Only Fans in the Market

SportStream Live reaches 10MM+ unique monthly users across the entire network. Out of market viewership often compares to, or exceeds, the local home teams airing across RSNs. No other solution directly targets out of market fans within a specific DMA.

Fans can now watch their favorite teams and players no matter the market.

More than half of all fans watch/root for teams & players outside the market they live.

The combined fan base for all out of market teams is as big or bigger than for home teams.

Most Watched Sports App on Connected TV

Most Watched Sports App on Connected TV

Most Watched Sports App on Connected TV

Connected TV Supported Devices

Apple TV
Hulu Live
Amazon Fire
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Android TV